A business can become successful only if it can market its products and services well. Fail to do this and your business is doomed. Great writers can create all kinds of marketing materials including, but not limited to:

Web content (Articles, product descriptions, sales copy, how to guides, and more).
Email messages
Blog posts,
Social media posts (Facebook updates, Google+ posts, Tweets, etc).
White papers, special reports, product guides, and a lot more.

All these types of content can attract people and help them understand what your business is and how your products or services can benefit them. Hastily produced content can’t deliver the goods. For your content marketing to work, you need writers who understand marketing.

You need writers who know the nitty-gritty of producing top class marketing content. Your content must be:

– Unique
– Educating
– Motivating
– Convincing
– Strong Enough to Make Sales

If the content you create meets all the requirements above, your business will be on the growth path, attracting prospects and closing sales like crazy. Create original content consistently and share it via website, blog, social media posts, and of course via email. You will be in the radar of your potential customers, and they will do business with you when you make the right offer.

Creating Content is Not an Easy Job…

Of course, anyone with the right knowledge of your business, products and procedures can create content to attract customers. However, it is a massive job creating all different types of content. Soon, it can get tiring, especially if your marketing department doesn’t have a wing dedicated to creating amazing content.

If you mistake marketing is all about creating eye-catching graphics, slogans and TV ads, you are wrong. The cheapest and most profitable marketing is now done online. The new kind of marketing is a lot more persuasive, compelling and profitable. It is very powerful that it attracts customers and generates sales – without fail.

Marketers can also test the effectiveness of sales copy, content strategy at a fraction of the costs of advertising in print media, television, and radio. You can fully test the effectiveness of a new piece of sales copy, email sales letter, product offer, etc at a tenth the cost of booking a slot in TV, or buying ad space on a single day’s newspaper.

Creating content and delivering it online costs next to nothing. In addition, you can limit the delivery of content to people interested in your offers. No wasted time, resources and precious ad dollars.

You can always chuck out the pieces that don’t work and continue using the materials that bring you great returns. And, the sales materials at work here are sales copy, web articles, blog posts and the like. You can see the results almost instantly. It takes only a day or two to find if the marketing material brings customers to you or not.

Finding a writer who can convert a casual visitor to a paying customer is a hard task. Find one and your marketing will be on a different plane. You will cut advertising costs and increase returns – almost instantly.

As in everything else in business, you need to test the profitability. While it feels great hiring a new writer, it may not be that profitable. The truth is, if the writer can’t persuade readers with the right choice of words, persuasion techniques and arguments, it is going to be a loss-making deal. If, the writer can produce sales messages that motivate readers to buy your products, it is a great deal.