Number One Reason Your Website Fails – and How You Can Reverse the Fortunes of Your Business with Just One Change

If your website doesn’t bring any business, it is a failure. You spend money, resources and energy developing a flashy website. At the end of the day, your website just stays there, not giving you any returns.

If you make just one change to your website, it will change your fortunes. You will see new customers coming to you, asking you for your services.

Stop Working for Your Website; And Let it Start Working for You, Bringing in All the Traffic, and Business You will Ever Want

Here is one thing you can do today, to make your website work for you (and finally stop working for your website):

Make a Promise

Yes. That is it. Make a promise that you can deliver. Not just any promise. An irresistible promise that (only) you can deliver. Make the promise so irresistible that your customers will consider your offer on the spot.

How to Make a Promise

Promise your customers exactly how exactly their lives will be improved.

Examples of some great promises:

Sample Promise # 1:

Beach-worthy tummy in 90 days – Follow these steps to burn belly fat and get a flat belly that makes your friends jealous!

Sample Promise # 2:

Easiest tool to automate your budget and to save hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in tax and accounting fees every year.

Sample Promise # 3:

Your mind is at peace as this mobile tracking tool will keep a watch on your kids for you – all day round!

Does your website make such a promise?

Before You Promise, Discover:

Dig a little deep into the minds of your customers and discover why exactly do they want to use your product.

> Is it because they want to feel self-worthy because of a flat belly?

> Is it because they want to save money and time while filing tax papers?

> Is it because they want to feel secure about their kids?

Answer the biggest advantage of your customers can get while using your product. And, make it THE PROMISE.

Why is this so important?

> Because, majority of businesses don’t promise anything. And, the business fails because they don’t make a promise.

> Instant Communication: When you make a big, bold promise, your customers will instantly know the benefit they will get while using your product or service.

> Straight to the Point: Majority of business websites talk long about the technical features of their products. They simply forget to tell what they offer.

> Simplest Language: Their website is so full of bombastic language, huge claims, mentions of awards, and everything but the promise.

Without A Promise:

> Visitors have no clue why they should spend time at the website or contact the business.

> After browsing a few pages, they leave.

> That is, another customer out of the door.

Apparently, you don’t want this to happen. Almost anyone who visits your site is a potential customer.

The customer didn’t find a good enough reason to stay – simply because you didn’t make a promise. Make him stay. Make her buy from you. Simply make a promise he/she can’t resist.

Lesson to Take Home:

Make a Promise Your Customers Will Love

And, here is My Promise:

I will create an irresistible promise for your business.

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