Local businesses increase sales, revenues and profits … with the help of a full-fledged mobile website that attracts potential customers on the move. If the restaurants, retail stores, and pubs of an area can attract new business with the help of a well-built mobile website, your business too can.

Let’s see how a mobile website attracts money to your business.

Do you own an Android phone, an iPhone, or a smart phone of any kind? If yes, you will search for shops right in your mobile. Most people do.

Once you search for an item in your mobile, you get choices of places very close to where you are. In other words, your mobile phone has become very smart. It tells you about the restaurants, florists, clubs, auto garages, etc that are closest to where you are standing (or sitting for that matter).

If you are hungry, you will drive to the restaurant that you feel good about. If your car has a problem, you will drive to the nearest auto garage. In other words,  a local shop won your business, simply because it put in the efforts to attract customers on the move.

They know most people have smart mobile devices like iPhones and Android phones and targeting them is a great idea. In fact, it is a great idea. An idea your small business can copy. And let the extra profits to pour in.

What to Include in Your Mobile Website

Include the following details in your mobile website and people will have no trouble finding you:

  • Business Name
  • Products or Services Available (List them all)
  • Location Map (preferably in Google Map)
  • Contact Number
  • Business hours
  • Photos of Your Place (one or two will do)

Ask your designer to properly mark up the data. It teaches search engines like Google a lot of things about your business.

And, make sure the website loads very fast, even for mobiles using very slow connections. Get ready to attract those customers on the move – right to your place and do more business.