disavow: I don't own those linksBing and Google algorithms still are not smart enough. They still didn’t figure a way to locate and penalize low-quality links on their own. So, they decided to launch Disavow. Bing beats Google on this one. They beat Google to launch a tool that shouts aloud their algorithms still can’t separate good links from the bad ones.

It seems SEO community has a hot new topic for gossiping, chattering and wasting a lot of time. Let’s find if Disavow helps you or is it just another fancy tool to waste your time.

It is big news every time Google sneezes or changes its algorithm a bit. This remained true, at least for the past seven years. The SEO ‘experts’ spill their brains out at online discussion forums of all kinds.

The main point of discussions, almost always was around link building campaigns and Google’s efforts to defeat any such efforts. Google’s algorithms became reasonably intelligent, but never good enough at discovering spam links.

Bing undoubtedly has improved its own search algorithm and started delivering results that closely resemble that of Google’s. Now, with Disavow already in Bing Webmaster Tools, Bing corners some limelight, which was previously reserved for Google only.

What Does Disavow Do?

As the name suggests, it allows webmasters to tell Bing that they didn’t place links in those link farms.

Almost every web master out there is worried their competitors would undermine their sites linking to their sites from spam websites and link farms. Thank Bing, you now have Disavow. Competitors can’t undermine your site. You just have to disavow those links you don’t like for your site.

In other words, webmasters can tell Google (sorry, it is Bing), not to consider those links for ranking purposes.

Is it really helpful? Let’s wait and see.

It appears to me, all it does is playing on the fears of website owners. There will be web masters disowning those links, over which they have no control.

Disavow makes them feel immune to Google Bombing (remember that term?), with a shield so powerful to withstand any algorithm blasts.

At least this is what Bing and Google want you to believe.

All this furore suggests search engines still put great emphasis on the quality and quantity of incoming links as a major factor determining your site’s rankings. You need to get links from highly ranked sites. Maybe, you can tell Google and Bing that you don’t want any benefits from those spam links.

Is Disavow Worth Your Time?

Bing has released it and Google is in the process of releasing it. SEO pros are already making a lot of noise around this feature. Do you think disowning links pointing to your site a good way of spending your time?

This tool appears to be the poster for search engines’ inability to manage the low-quality links on their own.

This tool may have some merit. You will see obviously-spammy sites linking to your blogs and websites. You don’t need to think twice before disowning them. Maybe, you can spend a few minutes every week discovering such linking and disowning them. However, spending your time Disavowing every link coming your way is a big waste of time and resources.