Keep these 15 SEO points in mind and you will never mind Panda, Penguin or any algorithm updates designed to bring black sheep to the ground.

  1. Fast loading pages
  2. Clear navigation structure
  3. Clutter-free html/css/php code
  4. Unique titles for every page of the website
  5. Every title focuses on a specific, profitable keyword
  6. Every title is 40 to 70 characters long
  7. Unique descriptions for every page
  8. Every description is written like a PPC ad that yells ‘CLICK ME’
  9. Every description has the main keyword used at least once
  10. Every description is less than 160 characters long
  11. Every page of the website has relevant text content
  12. Every page is designed to convert leads to prospects or prospects to customers
  13. Every page is linked from other relevant pages of the website
  14. Most of the pages have links from topically relevant websites or topically relevant categories of other websites like directories
  15. Final point: Keyword usage is consistent through page titles, description, page text content and links pointing to the page.