This technique will help you create dazzling home page content for your next website project. Create home page content that teaches visitors what the website is all about – as quickly as possible, and without any fancy techniques.

The technique is: Write homepage content last!

Yes, that is it. Write homepage content after writing inner pages. You will write better homepage content this way.

Why is it such an important idea?

[advertisement]When you write content for inner pages – like products and services, you will get a clearer idea of what the website is all about. Believe me, you will learn a lot of things about the business. The things you didn’t think about the beginning suddenly become obvious. Without extra toil, you will create home page content that benefits the visitors.

Every page you write is a learning experience. As you complete each page, you will learn something new about the business. This knowledge comes to your help.

For example, I’ve been writing content for a concrete cutting business. I thought concrete cutting, core drilling, wire sawing, etc as their key functional areas.

Along the way, my client asked me to give prominence to rebar fixing and chemical anchoring.

This saved me much time and headaches. I could write a homepage that is just right. No time wasted on rewriting homepage content. Same principle applies to ‘about us’ page. In most cases, writers are tempted to write these two pages first. But, by keeping them for the last, you can save time and write better content for two of the most important pages of any website.

Your Clients Will Love You

If you deliver top content, you will always be in big demand. New writing projects will find their way to you.

Fail to do this and your clients will start looking for other writers who can understand their business better.

So, What Should I Do Before Writing Home Page Content?

I’m glad you asked. Write the inner pages first. Start with the list of products or services of the business.

Check ‘at least’ half a dozen websites that offer similar products. Try to understand who uses the products. And, find out what they look for in the products or services they want. This research will help you write strong sales pages for products and services.

Write five to ten such pages. After writing those pages, you will have a better idea of what the business is all about.

The Homepage Content Will Come Naturally

After writing several pages for the website, it will be easier for you to give a quick introduction of the business. When you start writing a homepage, you can lead with the most important product or service the business delivers.

And, the homepage you produce will be the most useful content a visitor receives upon reaching the site. And, that is all it matters.