The first thing creative writers need to fix is this. Time!

The time of the day you start writing has a huge influence on how much you will achieve in that day.


And, the best time to start writing is early morning.

I can hear your murmurs. Your nursery teacher told you to get up early in the morning, right? And, you didn’t obey. And, now this guy tells you to get up early just to write a few articles.

Hey dude, stop that talk in your mind right now. I want to show you why it is important to get up early. With my own example.

Early in the morning, there are few things to disturb you. There won’t be any doorbells to answer. No phone calls. The air is fresh. Everything is silent. There is no boss behind your back. Yeah, it is wonderful time to be.

Inside you, your mind is fresh. The tensions of the day are far away. All you experience is that creative freedom. You can go whatever direction your mind takes you.

No other time of the day lets your creative juices flow this freely.

You start with one idea. Another one follows. Then another one. For creative people, this free flow of ideas is the biggest gift early mornings have in store.

Those free flow of ideas will help you complete any writing project. Writing another blog post, a product description, a website content page, an article, a sales copy, etc becomes easy.

In the afternoon, my productivity level goes down. I try not to write anything at those times. Instead of five or six articles in just three hours, I will complete only two or three articles in four or five hours. That is a lot of wasted hours.

The articles I write in early mornings flow freely, are easy to understand and will have tons of points covered.

In the afternoon, the topic becomes shallow, the ideas flow with difficulty and reading the article becomes a little bit difficult.

Thus early mornings not only help me write more articles, but also better articles that people love.

If you don’t get up early in the morning, it is time to start. Force yourself to bed early in the night. Go to bed between 9.00 and 10.00 pm. Set the alarm just 30 minutes earlier than your regular wake up time. If waking up at 9.00 is normal for you, start by waking up at 8.30 for one week, next week set it to 8.00. Make it 30 minutes earlier every day, until you are comfortable waking up at 5.00 in the morning.

You can also set an alarm in your mind. If you want to wake up at 5.00, tell your mind that you will wake up at 5.00. Do this while you are waiting for sleep to come. You will have no trouble waking up at 5.00 – even if you don’t set alarms.

Once you wake up, it is difficult to pull yourself out of the bed. There is a shortcut to kiss this laziness goodbye. Do this:

Lie down in ‘shavasana’ for two minutes, listening to nothing but your own breathing. Then, raise both your legs without folding them at the knees. Then bring down the legs fast and your upper body will rise. And, you are out of your bed.

Now, go wash your face. And light a few lamps. That is all you need to get out of your sleepiness.

I do a little bit of stretching exercises before heading to my laptop. And, it helps too. And, you are off to writing beautiful articles and letting your creative juices flow.