People just love those articles that flow freely. Like a gentle stream, it flows smoothly. What if you too can write an article that flows smoothly. What if you can introduce new ideas in such a way that people just love. It is possible. Learn the secrets of writing a smooth flowing article that people just love.

It feels real good being able to write an article that takes readers on a joy ride. Easy to say, difficult to implement. There is a problem. Does it prevent you from at least attempting to write an article that flows freely? It shouldn’t. Let’s find what we can do to write articles that read smoothly.

Before You Start Writing

Acquire as much knowledge and experience on the subject as possible. That is the starting point. When you have a huge reservoir of knowledge and expertise, it is write a free rolling article. Your ideas and knowledge just flows, taking readers on a smooth ride down the hill.

The, the first things you need are knowledge and expertise. From your knowledge and expertise comes the topics, ideas, suggestions, lessons, tips, and instructions that your readers love.

The Writing Process

Having big ideas in your head is not good enough. You have to transcribe your ideas and knowledge onto a piece of paper – or word processor. This is the toughest part. Every successful writer has been in this stage. Some even stuck there for days together. Let’s learn how to remove this block, and get the flow started.

First, get away from your computer. Staring at the blank screen is not going to help you. Take a few pieces of paper. Write down an idea each on 4-5 pieces of paper.

Pick an idea you like the best. Pick the paper and write down some supporting ideas. You can tell what idea you are going to share and how. Look closely, you are holding a blueprint for a beautiful article.

Now get back to your computer. Type your main idea as the headline. You can change it later if needed. Elucidate your idea. You will experience the words are flowing smoothly. You don’t have to force words. See, they are coming naturally to your fingers. You are writing in such simplicity that even a schoolboy can read and understand what you are saying. Surprise – it may seem. It isn’t! But, you have developed your idea into an article. Now give some final touches to your article before sending it for publication.

Editing Your Article for Style

Snuff out enemies of good writing – spelling and grammar errors. Luckily for us, we can easily find and neutralize grammar mistakes with a simple strategy – by reading it aloud.

Reading aloud will expose any grammar errors that have crept into your article. If you feel discomfort, stop. There is a grammar goof. Kiss those errors goodbye and move on.

Don’t rely on MS Word to do all the grammar editing for you. Good grammar is not enough. Your article also needs to flow smoothly from one paragraph to the next. There are ways to make the transitions as smooth as possible.

Connect the ideas of one paragraph to the next. If you have introduced an idea out of nowhere, prepare your readers by placing a hit or two in the previous paragraph. That way, your readers can expect what is to come. When they find what they expect, they will love your article even more.