Is your business website a success or a failure? Stop guessing and answer this one question: Does it Make Sales?

Sales bring profits. No business can survive without sales. Does your website attract sales? If not, it is finally time to get a website that does.

Your business deserves a website that increases sales because that is the only way your business can survive in this competitive world.

The Only Ingredients of a Highly Successful Business Website are:

1. A clean design and
2. Good copy

Give your website a clean and clear design. And, deliver the information they need – in three seconds or less.

Get those two things right. You will see your website transforming itself into a sales machine. You will see new sales, increased profits and more happy customers, because you have a website that attracts people. And, your site attracts the people who matter the most to your business – your customers.

Importance of a Clean Design for Your Website

By clean design, I mean a website that tells its visitors exactly what to do. And why.

A clean design means, the website wastes no time explaining to a visitor what the business is and why someone should use the business.

The graphics, text and page elements tell the visitors where to look, what to discover and how to get the products or services offered.

Minimal design elements, and a stable color theme goes a long way. If you splash too many colors, graphical elements and flash, it will only distract the visitors. The distracting elements will take the attention away. The visitor find it difficult discovering what they want, even after they reach your website.

A simple, clean design will tell the readers what to find and how to get what they want. No distractions, no eye-sores. Just information they can use – instantly.

Good Copy

Why does your website need a clean design? Because it can help visitors read the copy. And discover the reasons they should do business with you.

It is the web copy that explains and persuades your visitors to do business with you. Good sales copy doesn’t look like a sales copy. Good sales copy has loads of information. Readers can absorb the information quickly.

After reading the copy, the visitors feel upbeat about the products or services you offer. They start trusting you, because you explain their concerns. In addition, they will discover your customers trust you and respect you because of the products and services you deliver.

They will even feel bad when they decide not to try your products or services. Your business is so unique that your visitors really want to do business with you.

Your website deserves such copy. The web copy that attracts potential customers, explains to them why your business is unique and persuades them to do business with you, instead of the several hundreds of your competitors.

And, now you know the most important elements of a successful business website – a clean design and persuasive sales copy. That is all you need to get, retain and profit from the attention of your customers.