For majority of marketers, SEO writing still is a tough nut to crack. Apply the right techniques for SEO copy writing and you will write top quality web content and sales copy that attract search engine spiders and make people reach out to their wallets. Learn how you can instantly achieve high rankings, make sales and increase profits.

Step by Step Guide to Writing Content for the Web

For a moment, forget you are writing for the web. Imagine you are writing the copy to get people excited about your products. Imagine you are going to sell the products with your copy. In most cases, this helps you write more freely and without worrying too much about ubiquitous keywords and search phrases.

While you write, your only goal is to draft a copy that gets people interested in your products or services. Everything else can wait.

Write About the Product

Write extensively about the benefits of the products. Clearly explain how your product helps people solve their problems.

Always talk about real people who have benefited from your products. Show them how people have used your products. This is a big credibility booster. Instead of telling people to try your product, tell them exactly how your product has helped real people solve real problems.

While you write copy, focus on building credibility. Share real stories of real people to build credibility. Without credibility, your copy is not going anywhere. Share a quick case study or a few testimonials within your copy.

Remember AIDA Formula

AIDA stands for the following four elements every copy must have.

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Grab the attention of readers, your potential customers with a great headline, a sexy image, or in any way. Once you have their attention, create an interest for your product. When they are interest, create that strong desire. Make the readers feel bad about not owning your product. Show them several reasons for owning and using your products. Then, close your copy with a powerful call to action.

Bringing SEO Keywords to Your Copy

Fit your keywords within the copy without affecting the readability, flow and integrity of the copy. Just replace repeating and redundant words and phrases with competitive keywords and key phrases. You only have to use a keyword once or twice in the copy.

Incorporating the competitive keywords is for the search engines. Everything before that is for the real people visiting your site and reading your copy. This is the essence of SEO copy writing. Do this correct and you will never have to worry about creating shallow content for the sake of SEO alone.