Power tips to super-charge your website copy to attract property owners to your landscaping business!

Headline: Write a benefit-focused headline. Grab the attention of potential landscaping customers with an irresistible promise of a huge benefit. The benefits to focus are:

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Create lovable outdoors your children love and friends envy
  • Bring beautiful greenery and vegetation home
  • Relax outdoors in your own heavenly garden
  • Relax in a serene environment, without leaving your property

The headlines can read like:

  • How to Use Landscaping Services to Increase Property Value
  • How Landscaping Can Transform Your Outdoors into a Heavenly Retreat
  • Why Landscaping Allows You to Take Instant Vacations without Leaving Your Home

Well, those are some guidelines to writing headlines to attract people looking for landscaping services in their area.

Copy: The copy should build on the promise you have made on the headline. Explain how your local landscaping services have created relaxing environments where people love to hang out at.

Tell your readers real examples of how you have transformed dull exteriors to lovable personal retreats for home owners. Also explain to them how placing flowering plants have attracted singing birds and beautiful butterflies to the garden. Also explain how people once again found their home relaxing and inviting because of the transformation you created.

Maybe, you can also focus on the joys of cultivating tomatoes, carrots, and other food, right at the backyard.

If you focus on improving property value explain how homeowners can instantly increase the value of their property by as much as 20%. Also tell your readers how they can sell their property fast – all because of beautifully maintained vegetation outside.

Add Colorful Photos to the Mix: Support your copy with beautiful photos from your past landscaping assignments. Show them beautiful pictures of that explain how lawns, flowering plants and trees create a magical environment.

You can get help from a photographer whose business is shooting outdoors. If you are quite comfortable taking beautiful photos, you are free use your own photos too. Always make sure the photos are warm, colorful and attractive.

Call to Action: The best action local landscaping customers can take is calling your phone number. Maybe, you can use a phone number exclusively for website visitors only. This way, you can know your website has generated a lead, every time you receive a query about your landscaping services.

Show Your Phone Number Very Clearly: Place a large button that shows your phone number very clearly, in every page of your website. Always place a button at the top of the page.

The text in the button can read: Get Professional Landscaping Services in CITY. Call: PHONE NUMBER

This makes it very clear to your readers what they have to do. They just have to call you up to get the landscaping services you offer.

If you like, you can also add a web contact form, a fax number, and a local address so that potential customers can reach you any way they please.

Surest Way to Winning Landscaping Customers: This is the surest way formula for landscaping services to attract business. If you have a landscaping business, feel free to use all the ideas above. And come back to tell me about the new clients you have landed because of this sure-fire way to attracting landscaping customers.

Maybe, you can also contact me to write web copy for every page of your landscaping business. Maybe, you will also like me to do the entire web design and development too. Whatever the case, you are most welcome.

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