Converting an ordinary article into a sales copy is simpler than most internet marketers think. Only thing is, most writers have no idea how to do it. Let’s find how making a few tweaks can convert your ordinary articles into money-making web copy.

Give Your Article a Proper Structure

Divide your article roughly into three parts. Dedicate the first part to tell as many benefits of the product as possible. Use the second part to inform your readers what they must consider before purchasing the product. In the third part and final part, tell your readers exactly where to buy the product. Let’s find how you can structure your articles in such a way to attract readers to the product and prompt them to buy the product.

The First Part – Sell the Benefits

Tell your readers ‘at least’ three benefits they will get while using the product you are promoting. Use a few words to mention a feature. Use more words to explain the benefits associated with the feature.

Example: This camera comes with ‘blink detection’ feature. Your camera will tell you if someone in the frame closes his or her eyes while you take the photo. Always make sure your subjects are in sharp focus and you won’t lose a beautiful photo moment.

Here, the first sentence tells about a feature (blink detection). Second sentence explains its benefits (immediately find out if someone closes his/her eyes while you take the photo). The third sentence digs into deeper, bigger benefit of the feature, strongly appealing to a first time camera buyer.

Second Part – Explain the Factors to Consider

List at least three factors to consider before buying the product. The factors can be price, durability, or anything that is important to someone buying the product. For someone buying a point and shoot camera, the chief factors to consider are ease of use, clarity of images, and battery life.

You don’t have to be very elaborative at this part. Just a brief overview of the important points is enough.

The Third Part – Sell Your Product

The third and final part is where you tell your readers where to find the product and how to order it. If you are selling the product, ask your readers to add it to cart. If you are an affiliate, you can send the visitor to Amazon product page (through your affiliate link).

Make sure your readers understand exactly what action to take – click on a button or a link.

This is the simplest method of writing web content that sells. This is how you turn an ordinary, filler article into web copy, which appeals directly to your readers and to increase profitability of your web content or articles from their current levels.