Secrets to Getting High Quality Score for Your Adwords Landing Pages – Every Time

High landing page quality score makes your Adwords campaigns a lot more profitable. Learn the exact secrets to increasing Adwords landing page quality score.

If one factor determines your landing page, that has to be this: On Page SEO Optimization. We will discuss on-page optimization in detail. If you do on page SEO right, your campaigns will get quality scores of 6 and 7 – automatically.

If your landing pages get quality scores of 5, 4 or even 3, you are losing money. Follow the steps below to pull quality scores (both landing page quality score and thereby campaign quality scores) to 6, 7 or even higher.

Seven Places to Use Keywords

Use keywords in the following seven places and you will see high landing page score – instantly.

>>  In the page title: <title>Keyword: Site Name</title>
>>  In the page url:
>>  In the Header: <h2>Keyword Optimized Title</h2>
>>  As bold text: <strong>keyword</strong>
>>  As anchor text pointing to the page: <a href=”/keyword-page.php”>Keyword</a>
>>  And once or twice within the text content of the page: Text text. Text keyword text text.

If you use keywords in all those seven places above, your page will have very high keyword density. In other words, you have keyword-optimized your landing pages. Use this landing page for your next adwords campaign. You will instantly get high quality scores for the keyword you optimized the page for.

Other SEO Optimization Factors to Consider

Keyword optimization tells only half the story. There are even more critical factors to consider.

Page Load Time – the faster it loads, the better it gets.

The people who visit your web page are impatient. They are not willing to wait for five seconds for your page to load. If it doesn’t load within three seconds, they will become impatient.

Test page loading time. Ideally keep it to less than three seconds. Some common culprits that slow down pages are:

Embedded elements

–  Plug-ins
– Flash content
– Image files

A simple, and clean html/php code will guarantee fast loading pages.

It also helps when you limiting the number of page elements to a bare minimum (plug-ins, widgets, Flash, javascript, etc). If you don’t need an element for the page, remove it. Even tiny widgets like Facebook friend box can seriously affect page loading time. Remove such elements from your Adwords landing pages and you can make serious improvements in page load times. Improved page load times will improve your landing page quality score and thus your adwords campaign ranking too.

Conversion Optimization

Up to this point, you have learnt the technical aspects of designing a landing page. Now, we will talk about powerful marketing techniques. Without implementing these techniques, you are missing serious profit making opportunities.

Conversion is the single most important factor every internet marketer must give the most importance, whenever they create a landing page. Careful use of visual elements within the page will lead to better conversions and conversion rates.

Conversion rate is the rate at which people converts to customers, leads or email newsletter subscribers. If 100 persons visit your page and 10 people take the action you want them to take, your conversion rate is 10%.

How to Improve Conversion Rates

Clearly tell your visitors what action to take. Do you want to share their email address so that you can sell them your products 100 times in the next 12 months? Do you want them to buy your product on the spot? Or do you want them to ‘like’ your Facebook page?

First of all, determine the action do you want them to take – give you their email address, like you on facebook page, or buy your product. Then ask the visitors to take the action. And make sure the visitors can take the action easily and within a few seconds of reaching your site.

If you don’t ask them to sign up for your email address and provide the sign up form, they will not subscribe to your newsletter.

If you don’t show them the ‘Like’ button, they will not become your facebook fans.

If you don’t show them the ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ button, they will not buy from you.

If you give your visitors a dozen options, they will leave your site, confused and dejected. So, ask your visitors to take a single action and ask them nicely.

Add Elements of Trust

Trust signs like Verisign security, VISA logo, Paypal button, etc within the landing pages, and close to the ‘Add to Cart’ button increases trust. Your visitors feel secure because they see familiar signs and logos they trust.

Another element of trust is testimonials from your real customers. People will see how you have solved problems of others. And, when they see real people supporting you, they will feel more secure and will spend money on you.

I hope the points discussed above will give you a fairly good idea why certain landing pages are profitable and others are not. I also hope you will pick the points above, improve up on them and maximize profits from your campaigns.