Websites require different types of text content or copy to attract visitors, win trust and make sales. Anyone with basic language and writing skills can try one of the nine copy/content writing opportunities available in the net. Read them and you will find they are easier to complete than most people think.

1. Web Page Content (Online Content Pages)

Every web page requires content. The stuff you find in any page you visit is that page’s content. Content pages talk about a product, a brand, a company, a person, a movement, a piece of music, some new software, technology, science, or any topic people talk about.

You can write about any topic you love. There are websites, blogs, and discussions forums on every topic imaginable. If you can put your ideas together, you can become a web page content writer, writing content that websites love and people find useful.

Think of content pages as blog posts, articles, product descriptions, product reviews, sales pages, or whatever it is.

2. Landing Pages

Landing pages mostly are the pages you reach when you click on an ad. You can also reach landing pages from content pages, links in emails, from blog posts, Facebook status updates, Tweets, etc.

The landing page content tells readers why it is important to take a particular action – like signing up for an email newsletter, visiting a certain website, or purchasing something on the spot.

Landing page content is persuasive. It tells the readers why taking a particular action is beneficial. And gives incentives to take a particular action.

There are two types of landing pages:

– 1 Lead Generation Pages – want visitors to enter contact details to inquire details of particular products, services, or technology upgrades.
– 2 Email Capture Pages – want visitors to enter their email address to receive email newsletters.
– 2 Product Sales Pages – want visitors to buy the products on sale.

3. Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are the kind of content that give a good overview of what the product does, how it works, its technical features, etc.

For fun’s sake, try to write a product description about the cup from which you sipped your first coffee today. Was it made of glass, plastic, paper or some other material? Was it large, comfortable to hold, and easy to drink from? What other features do you want to tell us about your coffee cup? Answer all of my questions and you have a product description in your hands.

If you could write a product description for a coffee cup, you can write product descriptions for patio furniture, the computer and mobile phones you use, and whatever you want to write about.

4. Product Reviews

People talk about the places they visit, the movies they see, the products they buy, and  services they use. When you add a structure to such rants, clearly explaining the pros and cons of the products/services, and whether it provides good value for money, it becomes a product review.

If you love to talk about the products you buy and services you use, you can be in big demand by websites that want unbiased product reviews.

5. Promotional Emails

Companies make big money sending promotional emails to their customers. They are sales letters, sent directly to the inbox of people who are likely to place an order for a product or to sign up for a service.

If you can write a simple email that tells readers exactly how a particular product, service or website can make their lives a lot easier than before, you have the skills to becoming a copy writer to write promotional emails.

6. Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are emails that contains latest updates from the website you have subscribed to. The readers get a quick overview of the latest happenings in the industry, and the news they can use.

7. Social Media Content

Facebook status updates, Twitter tweets, posts in Google+, etc form social media content. Like blogs, they facilitate interaction with people. In most cases, the social media posts link directly to the latest update at the website or blog. People using Facebook, Twitter, etc can reshare the content.

If you can write tiny social media posts that get the attention of people, you are in big demand.

8. About Us (Company Pages)

‘About Us’ is kind of pages most important for every business and company websites. People will read this page to learn about the company, its history, people, business practices, etc. This is one of the most important pages of almost every website. If you can write briefly about the company, the people who made the innovations possible, and the kind of achievements they have made, you are in big demand as a web copy writer.

9. Home Page

The first page of the website that people see after typing in the web address. This page is of extremely high importance. So is the content that goes here. Write solid content of about 100 to 250 words that fully captures the essence of the business. Companies are willing to pay you big amounts for writing winning home page content.

Do you write content that fits into any of the categories above? Is it easy for you to write those kind of content? Then, you can think seriously about becoming an online content writer/copy writer.