You can’t do online marketing without creating and publishing outstanding content. Here are ten tips to keep in mind while creating content for your business website.

1. Bring the Most Important Point in the First Paragraph

Most writers make this mistake. They reserve the most important point for the last. Bring the most important point towards the beginning of the article. In fact, it is a good idea bringing the most important point right within the heading and the first two lines of the article/content. This tells readers what your article is about and what they can expect.

2. Explain One Idea Per Paragraph

Explain a simple point in a paragraph. If you try to explain too many points in a single paragraph, the readers will not absorb half the points. If you stick to a single point rule, readers will understand what you are telling.

3. Use Short Sentences and Paragraphs

Short sentences are easy to read and understand. It conveys the ideas fast. Short sentences and paragraphs give a nice, clean look to the page. If you use long sentences and paragraphs, the text forms a big block. Short sentences and paragraphs break the monotony.

4. Use Active Voice

Always write in active voice. Short, active sentences convey your message fast. In most cases, active voice beats passive voice by a big margin.

5. Format the Text

Use bold, italicized, or underlined words to draw attention to important points. It gives your content an organized look and helps your readers memorize the most important points you want to convey. So, use those formatting prudently and increase the appeal of your content.

6. Include Sub Headings

Sub headings increase readability of your content. In internet, people are more interested in scanning the content. Reading from a computer screen is tiresome for your eyes. Make it easier for your readers to read your content. The sub headings will keep readers focused on the content.

7. Proofread (Don’t Forget!)

Edit any spelling or grammar errors in your content. Otherwise, your potential customers will think you are lazy. And not serious.

Bonus Tip: Research Extensively

Conduct extensive researches on the internet. Uncover what people talk about the product in blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Find out the complaints, requirements, needs, and goals of people using the products.

This will help you understand your prospects a lot better. You will catch their attention if you promise to solve their complaints, identifies their goals and offer a real solution to their problems.