Can you imagine a simple way of writing incredibly powerful headlines based on formulas proven to attract customers and push profits through the roof?

You will instantly transform your writing career, move into the league of master copy writers who can sell millions worth of products with appropriate use of words alone.

No, it is not a wonderland. In fact, anyone can write powerful headlines, even if you don’t have any experience writing headlines in the past and you think you have no writing talents.

All you have to do is, get a collection of headlines that have worked in the past. Those are headlines written by copywriters, who have sold millions and billions worth of products with their powerful copy writing skills.

By copying the headline formulas that sold millions worth of products, you too can attract attention to your offer.

The simple truth is, by building a swipe file of your own, you can get the best headline formulas to work for you. When you master 100 headline writing formulas, you have hundred ways of writing a headline.

Step 1. It goes like this. You see a great headline.

Eg: Do You Make these Mistakes in English Grammar

Step 2. You create a formula out of this headline. The formula here is:

Do you make these mistakes in ___

Step 3. And, you can create great headlines like the ones below.

– Do you make these mistakes in real estate investing?
– Do you make these mistakes when buying penny stock?
– Do you make these mistakes while cooking chicken?

The best thing about those headlines above is… you don’t have to toil your brain to come up with a headline. You just had to fill the dash with something important and relevant to your product.

Step 4. The next step, of course is to build a swipe file. It is where you keep all those headlines and formulas for easy access and easy use. Whenever you are in doubt, you just have to pull the swipe file and a solution is right there.

Leave Creativity at Home

If you create a formula from every headline you read, you can kiss goodbye to your creativity. You have a solid method of writing headlines that will bring you attention.

When your swipe file has a good collection of headlines and headline formulas, you can write dozens of headlines in minutes, without unnecessarily toiling your brain. It is almost an automatic process, you don’t have to think about creating those headlines.

With a good enough swipe file, it becomes a mechanical thing to replace a few key words with your own, to make the headline your own. You don’t have to be extraordinarily creative to write headlines that will get attention. You can write attention grabbing headlines using the proven formulas alone.

Wait, it Can Get Even Better

What is better than being able to make your pick from hundreds of proven headline formulas? Get a software to write the headlines, ready for your use.

Yes, that too is possible. I have seen a particular piece of software at work, creating several dozens of headlines in a matter of seconds. It works like this – you enter relevant details like product benefits, target audience, price, etc.

The software will put those details in the relevant blanks in the headline formulas and return dozens of headlines – in less than a minute.

Sometimes you will have to make some tiny edits for grammar and style. In any case, you don’t have to toil your brain to generate headline ideas.

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