I am 30 years old man, from India, living with my lovely wife. I have a full-time job and copy writing mainly is a hobby for me. I have written web content since November 2005. Ever since, I learned new techniques to write web content, sales copy, SEO & PPC techniques, landing pages, and almost everything that is important to converting an ordinary website into a profit-making website.

After completing my graduation, I thought I will complete a course in Journalism, which I did in 2004. I volunteered as a stringer for a major national news agency for a little more than two months. Then I worked for a local newspaper and a magazine at the same time for some time. The pressure to find a good-paying job was getting the best of me.

Then came a lucky break!

A friend of mine introduced me to the manager of a company. They wanted me to write content for their website. Accepting that task was the turning point in life. I did reasonably well, explaining the business of the company, their services and people behind the company. They liked the content and they hired me again for another project, then another project and then some more.

Meanwhile, I also joined a small-time outsourcing company as a content writer, where I had a lot of time learning the nitty-gritty of the trade.

Then I became a full-time freelancer, writing web content for almost all kinds of businesses out there – legal professionals, self storage companies, catering services, furniture shops, insurance, personal finance, and what not.

Now I actually limit the number of assignments I take because of time constraints. I still spend at least half an hour every day learning new things about web copyediting, evolving internet technologies and new challenges. I also write content for three-four hours every day – mostly in early mornings. I feel creative juices on steroids while I wake up before 4am.

For the time being, I like to hide behind a Pen Name, because my privacy is very important to me. After all, web content writers don’t get their name published in any website they write content for. In agency reporting, it will extremely lucky if a reporter gets a byline (ie. his/her name goes with the report). In addition, I am not here to become a publicity or public figure.

My only goal here is to offer web content that attracts customers, sell products and make revenue for the businesses I write for.