Writing is a solitary adventure. It is always you vs the blank screen. Sometimes the screen is not that blank. The words flow freely. You will have difficulty stopping the flow of the words. At times, it is difficult to get a word into the screen or the paper. And, if you expect me to help you here… sorry, dude, I am not selling any medicines. Stay with me if you see what I see and if you feel what I feel. I promise you, this article will not be any help to your writing.

If you stay with me, I will tell you what writing is like. You wake up early in the morning, when the world is still asleep. No one in the family, or the neighborhood has waken up. The only light is from your room, from where you create your masterpieces. And, mine is a different kind of writing. More than 90% of the time, I can’t even say I wrote the sales copy, the web page, the article, the blog post, etc. And, I don’t feel thankless, because I’m paid for it. And, I feel real happy when I hear my copy helped them attract new customers, make more sales and increased the profits.

I also feel real happy when my clients tell me, you have made the idea much simpler and clearer. Now, everyone can read this and understand our business. Your style of writing is so simple, it takes away any confusion and brings in clarity. And, I feel so proud. Of course, that is what I am supposed to do.

I also feel confused when my friends say they can’t write like I do. I believe everyone can create articles, blog posts and sales copy just like me. I have seen it in action. Several times. In several hundreds of blogs, Facebook, Google+, and everywhere else. After writing attractive narrations of their daily life, they claim they can’t write a decent article. It is wrong. With a little bit of deliberation, and applying a few simple tricks, they can take their writing to pro-levels. Only thing is, they resist the idea that they can write.

And, those people are graphic designers, photographers, and computer programmers. They excel in their craft and they excel in writing too. But, they too might be afraid of the solitude in the life of a writer.

You too can be a writer if you can read and understand this. However, you too might be afraid of writers’ loneliness.

Sure, writers are a massive bunch and they network with other writers from around the world. They help each other in times of need. They share tips and tricks. They also act as mentors and guides for new and experienced writers. Then again, you have write your writing. And, you are so lonely while you write another sentence, another paragraph and another page.

Unlike photographers, sculptors, artists, etc, you can show off your masterpiece creations so easily. You can’t hang a copy of your bestselling copy in your drawing room. Your copy will stay in some websites, or in some emails sent, attracting prospective customers and converting them to real customers.

Meanwhile, you will be researching ideas to create your next sales copy, article, blog post, etc that will attract even more customers – from the comforts (and loneliness) of your home.