Every business can have this unique selling proposition (USP) from day one of their existence. The good thing is, this USP doesn’t appear boring, even for the most bored customers. Read on to find why you can’t miss this USP, whatever your business.


Trust is the most valuable USP every business that wants to stay in the business for long. Rarely will people take chances with their money. They buy stuff of brands they trust, from retailers they trust and from places they trust.

They also sign up for services from companies and professionals they trust. If you don’t give your customers enough reasons to trust you, there is no point for them to believe your products or offers.

Your business demise starts the day when people stop trusting you. And, it will be a long journey building trust and rapport with your customers.

It is extremely easy to serve a customer who trusts you. The customer believes you can and will deliver what you promise. Without building trust, your marketing efforts are not going to make any sales or profits.

How to Build Trust

Trust is not built on words. But by action. When you promise something, make sure you deliver it on time. If you can’t deliver it, don’t promise. When you don’t deliver, people trust you less.

Never Tick Off Your Customers, Or Else…

If you don’t deliver what you promised, your customers will start talking bad about you. The word will spread and soon it will affect your sales. In extreme cases, it will be early demise for your business. Not a pleasant thought.

Deliver your customers what you have promised them. If you have promised delivery by Monday, make sure the package is delivered on Monday.

If you promised a solution that works for a particular problem, make sure it works. If the customer tells you it is not working, show him/her how to make it work. If it doesn’t, offer a full refund.

Make it extremely easy for your customers to say positive things about you. The good word will spread. There is no better advertising than a happy customer.

If you lose trust, it will be extremely difficult for you to manage.

In the age of Facebook, Google Plus, blogs, email, and other means of instant mass communication, it takes only a disgruntled customer or two to spread bad news about your business. And keep in mind, people will listen to other people who have used the same products or services. And the opinion thus expressed determine their purchase decision.

If my friend tells bad things about a restaurant, I am not likely to try that restaurant – at least for the next few months. This happens everywhere.

And, the only way to build trust is by delivering what you promised – if not more. Do it consistently and your USP grows stronger every day, bringing you more sales and more profits.