A newbie writer from Palm Springs almost lost his house. Reason? His client pays little and very late. The client missed payment for two months and the writer landed in deep trouble. Then Kevin fired this client, and discovered new clients who’d pay more and on time. Now he has a handful of writing assignments, for clients pleasant to work with.

He had enough time to find new clients only after he fired the one client who was commanding most of his time and giving almost nothing in return.

Here are few reasons why you should fire toxic clients too.

fire low paying clients

I serve good masters

Keep your morale up – don’t let those picky clients pull you down.

Low stress levels – don’t let others fix your deadlines for you. This allows you to free up your time, relax and produce high quality articles on time.

Command more respect – when you charge high, clients will respect you as a writer. If you fall for $1 articles, they think of you as a doormat.

Guard your reputation – bad clients often have the tendency to talk bad about you to others. Why snob your own reputation by sticking with clients unworthy of your time?

Have more time to spend on good clients – good clients are willing to pay good for good work. Spend more time on such clients’ projects. In reality, most freelance writers spend more time for low-paying clients and little time on high-paying clients. Reverse this situation.

Increase confidence – when you get paid handsomely for your efforts, your confidence levels will go up. You will write better quality articles, allowing you to demand even higher prices.

Increase productivity – by choosing topics you are most comfortable with, you can write more articles in less time.

Have more free time – don’t get into the rat race again. Free your time for exercising, family, and friends.

Stop feeling rotten – now you are in command of your life. Don’t feel rotten, because you are doing things on your own terms.

Get paid what you deserve – every toxic client will be happy to pay you a pittance. Stop accepting such offers. Go for clients who appreciate the importance of your work, the hard work you put in and the results you bring in. Then, you will get paid what you really deserve.

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