You can make any products exciting. Just make the copy exciting. Even common household products can exude enthusiasm. The secret lies in your ability to get enthusiastic about the product and in sharing your enthusiasm with your reader. When you are upbeat about a product, even a common household product, you can get your readers excited about owning, using and benefiting from the product. Let’s find how you can add a dash of enthusiasm to promotional copy of common household products.

At first, it appears very boring and uninteresting writing promos for common household products. The truth is, if you apply your mind, you can get excited about the product. More importantly, you can pass this excitement and enthusiasm to your readers too. This is what to do.

Just explain and expand on the following four points, and you can create excitement about any product – including bland household products.

  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Indirect Benefits and
  • Deeper Benefits

Well, that is it. The first point is obvious. Features are about the product – its size, capacity, color, speed, etc. Features explain how the product works.

You can’t explain benefits without telling the features. If you go on explaining the benefits without actually telling the features, your readers may not believe you. So it is extremely important you tell the features. However, don’t take much time explaining the features. You have to move quickly on to benefits.

Benefits come in three flavors – direct benefits, indirect benefits and deeper benefits.

Direct benefits are the immediate benefits of using the products. Examples:

  • Thoroughly clean your carpets quickly and easily.
  • Instantly improve your cooking skills.
  • Clean your wine glasses, serving dishes, and plates in half the time.

Indirect benefits are a little harder to discover. They can include keeping the household clean, being able to cook any dish fast and tastefully, etc. Indirect benefits can also hint at approval by family, friends, etc.

Deeper benefits are about the emotions associated with doing a job well. The emotions can be self-fulfillment, confidence, pride, etc. Play with the emotions. You have built your case explaining the features, direct benefits and indirect benefits. Now it is time to play with your reader’s emotions.

Example: Everyone at the party praised Jane for serving such a delicious treat of homemade cookies. Kelly’s eyes went green with envy.

Now who doesn’t want the utensils that helped Jane make delicious cookies and made Kelly jealous?

A Simple Tip to Make Your Promo Hit the Target Hard

Use simple stories to drive the point home and make it stick. There is a little story in the form of Jane and Kelly in the example above. You don’t need and elaborate story. You just need a simple story that sticks.

And, write the promo as if you are outrageously enthusiastic about the product in question. Research the product, its features, and benefits. More importantly, research the people and the emotions that drive them. Spill the emotions into your copy and you have a winning promo – even when promoting an ordinary household product.